Sunday Productivity

photo of the author's feet and a tie pattern

Today was a whirlwind of activity. This morning Nick and I made our final goodbyes to the old studio in Ballard, and paid a bonus visit to the Ballard Farmer’s Market as a reward for finishing our cleaning early. Then we stopped by the art supply store and I bought some chipboard to use as a backing material for my altered tie pattern. I also treated myself to a brand new cutting mat and rotary cutter, since the two cutting mats I had are showing their age.

Back at home …

For My Valentine

photo of a partially finished necktie with a girl printed on the lining

Perhaps you remember the vintage style peek-a-boo ties I made for the boys in our wedding. I’m hoping you do, and I’m also hoping you were wondering to yourself “How can I get one of those ties?” because I’m about to start production of a limited run that will be finished in time for Valentines Day. I’m limiting this particular run to two girls:…