Rock ‘n’ Roll at ACT Theatre 2009

Skills: Scenic Carpentry, Theatre

Rock ‘n’ Roll by Tom Stoppard was produced at ACT Theatre in 2009 with Scenic Design by Matthew Smucker. This was another set where I was able to bring my sculpting skills to bear. A large shattered tree limb was a primary visual focus of this set. Occasionally actual tree branches and trunks were used in the sets I helped build at ACT. This particular tree was quite large and hanging above the heads of actors, so a steel framed tree with rigging points was built and clothed in spray foam. I joined the painters for the sculpting process. During the installation of the set I helped rig the tree, as well as several set pieces that flew in from the grid during scene changes, including a stereo cabinet that the sound department had rigged with wireless speakers, a remote controlled turn table and wireless lights.

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