Iron (a short film)

Skills: Film


Iron (IMDB) is a love story, but not in the usual way. This film is a journey of self-discovery set against the background of US domestic life during World War I, as women moved into jobs more traditionally held by men who were away at war. I feel very lucky to have worked as the Production Designer on this film, set on location at the historic Snoqualmie Train Depot and filmed in part on a working steam engine. The beautiful location made it easy to create a beautiful film. Here are some production stills of the film.

stills_1.14.1 stills_1.13.1 stills_1.11.1 stills_1.10.1 stills_1.9.1 stills_1.7.1 stills_1.6.1 stills_1.3.1 IRON_1_23_1_kitchen_1.23.1


Here are some behind the scenes photos. The kitchen set was the most built out of all the sets and needed to feel the most worn and lived in. The train depot happened to have most of an old cast iron stove on display in the depot baggage room so we built around the incredibly heavy stove, rather than having to bring one to set from somewhere else.


IMG_3497 IMG_3508 IMG_4516 IMG_4515 IMG_4141 IMG_4142 IMG_4144 IMG_4150 IMG_4153 IMG_4154 IMG_4169 IMG_4168 IMG_4232 IMG_4229 IMG_4177 IMG_4239 IMG_4173 IMG_4233 IMG_4524 IMG_4609 IMG_4588 IMG_4567 IMG_4606



While the engine in the film is a functional steam engine, we mostly shot inside and around it when it was cold. To give the effect of a hot engine we used a fogger with a hose that we could aim at various parts of the machinery. I spent a good portion of our engine shoot days crawling around under the engine with a fog hose.

IMG_6520 IMG_3579 IMG_3791 IMG_3609 IMG_6514 IMG_4601 IMG_6497 IMG_6495 IMG_4683 IMG_4679 IMG_4675


As a 4Culture funded project we were able to call on the help of a variety of sympathetic institutions to help us create an accurate period environment on a tight budget. The Pacific Northwest Railroad Archive very kindly lent us some period notebooks and provided us with scans of various other ephemera. The Northwest Railway Museum and The Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum were also incredibly kind to provide our production with artifacts and expertise without which our railroad office, tenement kitchen and cabin would not have been nearly so well provisioned.

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