Below the Belt at ACT Theatre 2009

Skills: Scenic Carpentry, Theatre



Below the Belt by Richard Dresser produced at ACT Theatre in 2009 with Scenic Design by Matthew Smucker was a fun set for me as a scenic carpenter. In effect I got to sculpt the set, as the design called for drifts of sand or dirt to encroach on a tiled mid section of the floor. I suggested that we might use saw dust and glue to create an organic surface that could be painted and would be strong enough to walk on for the run of the show. The show floor was mapped out topographically and divided into a huge jig saw like puzzle that we cut out of Homasote and glued together. Then I attacked the edges with an angle grinder to smooth them down before further blurring the lines with the sawdust and glue mixture. Finally the whole surface was covered with cheese cloth and sent to the painters. The finished set was dressed with “gravel” made of loose cork dyed to match the stage, so that some of the landscape would actually collect in drifts.

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