Cthulhu portraits

I have made several felt Cthulhu portraits in the last few years. I suspect I’ll make more as time goes on. The first, and smallest, was a birthday present for Nick, the second is still hanging about creepily waiting for a home and the third was a special request from a friend.

cthulhus cthulhu-back cthulhu-front Cthulhumark3-back Cthulhumark3-close Cthulhumark3-front

Little Guardians

This series of little creatures was my first attempt at combining my two favorite sculptural mediums, ceramics and felt. I called them Little Guardians because it felt like they were waiting to listen to your dreams and secrets and keep them safe. This collection may be seen in person at Imogen Gallery in Astoria.



littlered oakapple owl1 owl2 owl3 threeowls blueguardian

Gameshow Wheel

I was contacted by a production company who needed someone to build them a freestanding 8 foot tall gameshow wheel. This is by far the largest set piece that I have built entirely on my own from design to completion. I feel proud of how it turned out, even though it didn’t end up being used to produce a show after delivery.

IMG_1678 IMG_1732 IMG_1746 IMG_1753 IMG_1763

Ciri: The Witcher 3 (cosplay props)

In January of 2015 my friend and colleague Kristen Bonnalie contacted me to see if I had time to take on a short notice cosplay costume project that she didn’t have time to do. It turned out that the best way to tackle the project was for the two of us to collaborate, with her building the clothing and me building the props. The finished project as shown on model Kate Yeager with makeup by Erin Register was so beautiful Kristen set up a photoshoot with photographer Mark Malijan to …

Iron (a short film)


Iron (IMDB) is a love story, but not in the usual way. This film is a journey of self-discovery set against the background of US domestic life during World War I, as women moved into jobs more traditionally held by men who were away at war. I feel very lucky to have worked as the Production Designer on this film, set on location at the historic Snoqualmie Train Depot and filmed in part on a working steam engine. The beautiful location made it easy to create a beautiful film. …