The Little Things Show


If you are in Portland, or will be sometime between November 29th and December 29th stop by the Guardino Gallery in North Portland and see some of my felt work and the work of many other talented artists all working to the theme of art 7″ and under. Click through to see the flyer and some more sneak peeks of my felt work.


Time for my annual blog post!

Since my last post I have had a baby

{Sadie Quinn Farwell}


who is now almost a year old!


As you may imagine, she keeps me pretty busy, which mostly has precluded posting blog updates.

mommy's helper

It did not however prevent me from acquiring a new hobby. Before she was born I taught myself how to needle felt because I wanted a sculptural art form that I could put down easily when I needed to pick up the baby instead. It turns out felting is addicting, and worse yet one form …

Donating time for a good cause

This January after I finished my season at ACT and before I became too pregnant to do building work I was lucky enough to be offered a temporary position as a properties artisan at The Seattle Children’s Theatre. My contract covered one show called “A Single Shard”. This play is set in 12th Century Korea and follows the adventures of a young orphan who wants to become the apprentice of a master potter in a village famous for its celadon pottery.

This was the first time in my …

A rare political post

The American Flag, A New national lyric lithograph colorized with rainbow stripes

I have very strong feelings about politics but I’m one of those people who believe politics and religion are not polite conversation so in general I don’t write publicly about them. This February however I had the opportunity to take on a commission that speaks directly to a political cause I feel very strongly about, Marriage Equality. Through a friend I was connected with Dennis Milam Bensie whose book “One Gay American” will be published June 1st by Coffeetown Press. Dennis was looking for a sculptor who could, on …

An announcement after a long silence.

¬†Looking at the date of my last blog post makes me feel a bit sheepish, it’s been almost a year since I had time and content to post. Last season at the theatre was a hectic one and personal/family concerns left me without a lot of energy to document our builds. Now that the news is public and we’re about to celebrate her arrival I wanted to finally post about the most prominent of those distractions. Nick and I are going to be having a little girl sometime around the …