Time for my annual blog post!

Since my last post I have had a baby

{Sadie Quinn Farwell}


who is now almost a year old!


As you may imagine, she keeps me pretty busy, which mostly has precluded posting blog updates.

mommy's helper

It did not however prevent me from acquiring a new hobby. Before she was born I taught myself how to needle felt because I wanted a sculptural art form that I could put down easily when I needed to pick up the baby instead. It turns out felting is addicting, and worse yet one form of felting leads to others. I started with needle felting.

needle felted sugar skullneedle felted giraffe

Over Christmas I started wondering if I could needle felt around hard objects and these guys were born.

needle felted monsters

I embarked on a much more ambitious project in terms of size (not pictured because I never managed to finish it, oops) and one thing lead to another as it often does and soon I was wet felting my needle felted shapes.

blue spiral  creepy cat eye ball green ball

Nick requested a planet.

  baby of planetary proportions

Sadie manages to find her way into everything…

This year has not been very good for blog posts but it has been pretty great for everything else. One year in and I’m finally starting to find a balance between being a mom and working on art again so maybe there will be more posts soon on a slightly more regular schedule, but I won’t make any promises. I can say, however, that we have some pretty exciting projects in the works and I’m really looking forward to sharing.

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  1. vika

    Oh, hooray! Hello there, Sadie! And those felted things look pretty great too.

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