An announcement after a long silence.

¬†Looking at the date of my last blog post makes me feel a bit sheepish, it’s been almost a year since I had time and content to post. Last season at the theatre was a hectic one and personal/family concerns left me without a lot of energy to document our builds. Now that the news is public and we’re about to celebrate her arrival I wanted to finally post about the most prominent of those distractions. Nick and I are going to be having a little girl sometime around the end of May!


We’re having a kitten!


After a lot of thought and discussion we decided it would be best for me to leave my job as a carpenter at ACT Theatre to concentrate on being a stay at home mom and hopefully, as I settle into motherhood, find more time for studio art. In that vein we’ve made some progress toward increasing production of the pieces I’ve already featured here. I bought myself a four station screen printing press and I hope to finish the brush up editing on the four clock work pin up girl images sometime this summer. Once that happens we’ll be making them available on T-shirts as well as ties. Further down the line I will also be producing a line of male pin up images in the same aesthetic as the clockwork ladies, for those of you who prefer the male physique. In a somewhat different aesthetic I am also working on a very cute four color kitten graphic that we’ll probably be putting on children’s shirts, though it won’t take much to convince me to make some in adult sizes. So, once I make the design public, let me know if you can’t live without one in your size.


It seems that babies and major home renovations often go hand in hand and we are no exception. In the past year we have had our entire house lifted off of its foundation and two feet of height added to our basement. I am incredibly excited about this since the basement is the location of my sewing and crafts room and the extra height turns what was previously a dim cave like space into a bright and almost airy workspace. Of course the chaos of the house remodel spilled over into my studio in the garage and I am eagerly looking forward to reclaiming it from all the construction debris. Even with the chaos I’ve managed to keep up with portrait orders so don’t let my construction woes deter you if you were thinking about buying one. I am woefully behind on posting current product images though and there are a few animals I hope to soon make available on my site that I haven’t posted before.


Another project that has been long in process is turning some of the animal portraits into greeting cards. The main delay on those has been my desire to have the frame cards around the photos be special in some way, either embossed or letterpress printed with a decorative border. After many false starts and much research into the local letterpress community I realized that this was not a skill I could easily acquire myself. Luckily I found a local company that does beautiful letterpress work on a scale that will make production of the cards affordable to me and as a result create cards that I think will be very reasonably priced. The current hold up for this project is finding the time to design the border and while I’ve made several attempts at this I have not yet landed on exactly the right result. While I hesitate to put a date on it, knowing how fully absorbed we’ll be with our new family member once she arrives, I hope to have something to share on this project by the fall maybe in time for winter greeting card purchases. In addition to this, and perhaps somewhat earlier than this fall, I will be making a small batch of wedding themed cards available. I produced this image for our wedding thank you cards and I love it so much I want to share it with all of you.


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  1. vika

    I knew this news from elsewhere, but just found your blog. YAY! Yaaaaay! I hope it all goes very, very well for you. See my website for sympathetic squee. :)

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