A rare political post

The American Flag, A New national lyric lithograph colorized with rainbow stripes

I have very strong feelings about politics but I’m one of those people who believe politics and religion are not polite conversation so in general I don’t write publicly about them. This February however I had the opportunity to take on a commission that speaks directly to a political cause I feel very strongly about, Marriage Equality. Through a friend I was connected with Dennis Milam Bensie whose book “One Gay American” will be published June 1st by Coffeetown Press. Dennis was looking for a sculptor who could, on slightly short notice, create a groom cake topper as part of the cover image for his book. Of course I jumped at the chance.



Here’s a closeup of the little guy.


Love is not one of those things that should be subject to the whims of public sentiment. Who we love and how we celebrate that love is a deeply personal thing and no outside force can change our emotions. However, we live in a world of regulations and laws and they affect the way we live our lives. Married partners are afforded important rights, rights that are so interwoven with our cultural norms that they are often taken for granted by those who are afforded them. It gives me great pain that these important and seemingly ubiquitous rights are not available to all partners. All committed adults should have the right to participate in the state sanctioned institution of marriage, regardless of their gender identities. It’s just right. It’s fair. I find that emotion makes it difficult for me to speak eloquently on this matter, so I am glad that there are people out there who are driven to put their feelings into words. I support Dennis, and everyone who is out there on the public stage rallying for these essential equal rights.

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  1. Dennis Milam Bensie

    Thanks so much for your help with the cover and your words on this blog. It means so much!


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