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I know there are a number of you who are probably wondering what is up with the tie delay! I promised I’d have them up for sale before Valentine’s Day and yet… It turns out nothing is ever as simple as I think it’s going to be. I did get a few direct requests for ties on a time line and I got those ties sent out in time. Unfortunately, theatre work and a flu caught up with me and I finished the rest of the ties right in time to put my store on hiatus and go on my honeymoon.

We had a lovely time at Indian Springs in Calistoga, and now we’re back so why, you ask, are there still no ties on the Artfire storefront? Well, I’ll tell you, apparently when you sell certain fiber products, the Federal Trade Commission requires that you put a label on them listing a few particular things like fiber content, who made the item and where they made it. I discovered this right before we left for our trip so I didn’t have a chance to design a logo and order labels until this week. The label company is working on a quote and some art for me right now and I think it’s going to be a few weeks before I have the labels in my hands. I promise once I do and they’re sewn on the ties I’ll get them posted on Artfire. Here’s a photo of some of the ties that will be available soon.

Four ties, one red two grey and one black

All of the ties in this photo are Evie, but I have all of the colors pictured with both Evie and Mary Jane.

pin up tie linings

Not pictured is a brown and green peacock brocade, the lining has Mary Jane printed on it.

In the mean time, since I promised something new once we got back from our trip, I’m going to be posting three storytime portrait pairs on my Artfire store. The stories are two Aesop’s Fables, The Tortoise and the Hare and the Fox and the Crow, and the Edward Lear poem The Owl and the Pussycat. I’m really happy with how they turned out and as soon as I edit the photos of them I’ll post them on the store.

If you are near Portland, Oregon you can go see some of my portraits in person at the brand new Paxton Gate store that opened recently on Mississippi. Stop in and take a look around, everything they have there is fabulous and I think their store makes a lovely addition to the quirky stores along Mississippi.

If you were thinking about buying a portrait directly from me in the next month or so I have to warn you that my stock of frames is a little low and while I did buy new moulding just before we left on our honeymoon my shop currently looks like this:

My studio in disarray

This afternoon Nick came home with a bundle of insulation and we started moving things away from the walls so that we could install it. In a few hours we got two thirds of one of the long walls finished and that process included pulling out wiring and nails that were in the wall so we had a clean slate to work with and then attaching 2×2 boards along the 2×4 studs so that the walls were the proper depth for the insulation.

garage wall with fiberglass insulation in between studs.

Nick is optimistic that he’ll be able to finish the insulating and rewiring project in the next two weeks. After that my access to the chop saw and my workbench should be back to normal and I can make a whole new batch of frames hopefully without shivering myself to pieces.

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