For My Valentine

photo of a partially finished necktie with a girl printed on the lining

Perhaps you remember the vintage style peek-a-boo ties I made for the boys in our wedding. I’m hoping you do, and I’m also hoping you were wondering to yourself “How can I get one of those ties?” because I’m about to start production of a limited run that will be finished in time for Valentines Day. I’m limiting this particular run to two girls:


line art of seated nude woman

and Mary Jane

line art of standing nude woman

Today I received some of the silk brocades that I will be using as the main bodies of the ties. It is surprisingly difficult to find good tie pattern fabrics and I was a little disappointed that the bottom two pieces in this picture were only remnants that didn’t turn out to be big enough to make a tie.  The black maze pattern is still quite nice, and Nick says it’s his favorite anyway.

photo of three different patterned silk brocades

There’s one more piece still on its way to me and that one I also have high hopes for, here’s a photo from the website I purchased it at.

photo of brown silk brocade featuring ferns

In addition I’m going to look around locally for some solid colors, probably a black or silver and a nice deep red. As I finish the ties I’ll be posting them in my shop on ArtFire but if you know you’ll be wanting to purchase one don’t hesitate to let me know ahead of time and I’ll make sure you get it in time for the holiday. If you have a particular color in mind, even if it’s not one of the colors I mentioned, let me know and I’ll see what I can find in the fabric stores.

These ties will be made using the screens we burned for our wedding and once I finish this run of ties I will be washing out the screens. However, if you don’t manage to pick up one of the girls from this set, or if you had your heart set on one of the other two girls, don’t despair. I’m going to be doing some small revisions to the art in order to fine tune the screens and once I’ve finished them I will be burning new more permanent screens and bringing the full set to my store.

4 thoughts on “For My Valentine”

  1. johanna

    How much will they cost? And if I sent you silk brocade, would you make me one out of it? (Doesn’t need to be for Valentine’s :)

  2. Lia Surprenant

    JJ has commented on your fab ties more than once. If you are making them for commission, can you include me in your list? I think I like Evie best, but either are lovely. I like the foliage pattern fabric. Let me know what you will charge for the piece. Thank you, Amanda!

  3. Amanda

    Sorry I didn’t see these comments to approve them until today, I must not have it set to notify me when they come through.

    The tentative price for the ties is $85.

    Lia I will add you to the list of commissioned pieces! I was informed yesterday that the fern pattern is back ordered and won’t arrive for at least five weeks which is too late for a Valentine’s delivery but if timing isn’t an issue I can make you one in that pattern when it arrives, or we can pick a different pattern and I can get it to you right away!

  4. Lia Surprenant

    Timing is not an issue with me, I can wait for the fern fabric. Thank you Amanda!

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