Moving House

A vintage photo of a moving truck

I’ve been quiet here for far too long! When the season ended at ACT I was swept up in some grand changes that kept me too busy to post. The most obvious of those to viewers online is the change in format for this site. My friend Josh very kindly transferred my entire site from iWeb into WordPress. Thanks Josh! Now that I don’t have to recreate my theme every time I post maybe I’ll write more regularly. I hope the RSS feed didn’t spam anyone subscribed to it with a bunch of redundant posts, but if it did, that shouldn’t happen again.

Not so obvious is the fact that Nick and I have bought a house! We’re in the process of moving in now and I’m going to be moving my studio out of Old Ballard and into the two car garage less than ten feet from our back door. I’m excited to have so much space so near our home and I’m already scheming about the table saw I want to buy. In the mean time I have set up a temporary office space in the house and I’m working on a new animal portrait for a special request.

Unfortunately the move put several more elaborate projects on hold, the greeting cards for instance will probably be pushed back into next year. Progress on them hasn’t completely stopped though, I am going to visit the studio of an artist who teaches letterpress classes the last week of this month. I’ve been wanting to learn letterpress for a while now and I think the greeting cards would look much better if the decorative borders I am envisioning were printed that way rather than on a laser printer.

Things might remain a bit quiet around here until the new year, I hope your holiday celebrations are festive!

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