The Lady With All the Answers

The Lady With All the Answers is in the first day of tech today. This play is a one woman show starring the wonderful Julie Briskman as Ann Landers. Lady With All the Answers is the first mainstage play that we’ve done in the Bullitt Cabaret since Fully Committed in 2002. The Bullitt is an intimate space, even more so than our arena theatre, which seems ideal to me for a one woman show.

Sadly for me, I did not really work on this play in any substantial way. While the set for Lady was being built I was working on the set for Inishmore. I did watch Jeff use this somewhat medieval looking tool to make very precise paired bends in the square tubing that went together to create the back wall of the set though.

I also caught a photo of Giles standing in for Julie when the designer visited to check out the sight lines on a mock up of the all important writing desk. The set is similar in height to our table saw bench which explains the somewhat precarious positioning.

On the first day of load in just as we were starting to install the stage I was given the opportunity to go work in the props department building dead bodies for Inishmore. I have to admit it’s hard to pass up an opportunity like that. I did sneak back down to the theatre later in the week to take this photo. You can see the back wall is made up of ribbons covered in old photos meant to represent all of Ann’s readers. These photos include pictures of ACT Theatre staff members and their families. I don’t appear in any of them because the cut off date was early 1970’s but my mother was kind enough to send me some photos of her as a child and my grandparents as an adorable young couple. (Don’t worry Mom, I got the photos back safe!)

If you want to know anything else about this delightful play you’ll just have to head over to ACT Theatre and see it yourself. Previews start on September 10th. The Bullitt Cabaret is, as I said, a smaller more intimate space so seating in each of the shows is limited, if you’re interested in a particular date it’s probably best to purchase your tickets now. Some of the performances are already sold out, but don’t worry in order to give everyone a chance to see it there are shows all the way through the end of October.

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