The conspiracy against regular posts

In case you were wondering why I haven’t posted anything else relating to our political thriller about the 9/11 conspiracy, Yankee Tavern, even though this weekend is the closing weekend, I’m afraid I’ve been just a little bit busy getting ready for a wedding that happened this past weekend.

On August 21st 2010 I had the great joy of marrying my beloved, Nicholas Geoffrey Farwell, who I met three years ago when I started working at ACT Theatre. As you might imagine the wedding of two theatre people is quite a production, especially when all of our talented friends and family get involved.

A dear friend described me as being slightly insane and completely awesome when I told her all of the things I made or organized as details for our wedding. That is a description I can live with. We’ve been working on this event for over a year now and the past few months our house and studio have been hives of activity. The whole weekend was incredibly magical, Nick and I felt so loved and supported by all of our family and friends. I feel like it would be impossible to thank everyone enough.

Jennifer Mobley from Pinup Salon did my hair and makeup as well as the hair for all three of the girls in the wedding party My dress was made by Val Maes at the UW costume shop.

Nick’s amazing suit was made by Connie Rinchiuso from the costume shop at ACT Theatre with design help from her wonderful partner Carolyn Keim.

I put together our bouquets and boutonnières using flowers I purchased from the delightful etsy shop Mary Not Martha.

My mother Michelle Clary Gallagher is a ceramics artist and she made the dessert plates we gave away as favors. We stamped them with a glyph I designed to look like both an N and an A. At the end of the project my father and sister helped me and my mother glaze all of the plates in one completely delirious and entirely fabulous day.

Dorit Zingarelli implemented and improved on the vision I described for the hall, creating a truly magical setting for our celebration. My friends Lia Nouwen-Surprenant and Jeanna Gomez sewed and dyed the table runners and ribbons for the decorations and helped Dorit the day before and the day of our ceremony along with my friend and bridesmaid Lisa Geertsen and many other friends too numerous to list.

My friend Jennifer St. Cyr made the adorable flower girl dresses. She also makes really cool aprons but I don’t know if she sells them online or not.

Here is Nick’s best man JP modeling one of the ties I made for the wedding party, the musicians, and our lovely officiant. JP was a super rockstar, he drove up from the Bay Area a week early to help us run last minute errands and he stayed until the very last moment to clean up after the epic party we threw together.

My best man Blaque Mackintosh was invaluable the day of the wedding acting as my problem solver and question answerer while I sat in seclusion getting my hair and makeup done. He also made pizza sauce as part of the pizza feast we served up on Friday night to everyone who showed up early to help.

Also invaluable to me the day of the wedding was my good friend Julie Keenan. She put herself at the beck and call of me and my attendants the day of the wedding bringing us food and drink and in my case fuzzy bear slippers and double stick tape. I would have been lost without her.

Brendan Hogan, sound designer at ACT Theatre and among other things a member of Miss Mamie’s Band, did the arrangements for the songs he and our friends Johanna Bobrow and Eric Mumpower, played during the ceremony. Johanna and Eric are both members of Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band. All three of them are incredibly talented musicians and if you ever have a chance to hear any of them play I highly recommend you take it. I don’t have photos of Johanna and Eric in their wedding finery yet because not all of the photos have made their way to me. However Johanna took many of the photos that are illustrating this post, she’s a woman of many talents.

Here are two more incredibly talented men, Jacob Aginsky and Ejyo Remington. Jacob not only set up sound for the wedding and DJed during dinner, he also acted as our kitchen tzar organizing and cooking breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday for all of our guests and he kept us from going into a tailspin when Nick and I suddenly decided to almost double the number of people we were cooking dinner for on Friday night. Jacob is the owner of Theresa’s in Vancouver and his experience feeding really good food to large numbers of people in a short period of time was invaluable to us.

Ejyo and Brad Howe (who I also don’t have any good photos of) played wonderful gooey electronic music for us during the reception that I just couldn’t stop dancing to. Here’s a photo of Nick and Brad’s elbow. I think Nick must have been challenging Usama, the next of our friends in line to join the married people club, to a dance off. Even if that’s not what’s happening here, it should be.

There are so many photos of the weekend out there, but I need to wait a bit longer for them all to accumulate in one place so I can post them somewhere and tell the story of the weekend properly. There are people I need to thank that I haven’t managed to thank here because I don’t have the photos to adequately illustrate how awesome they are and also because this post has gotten a tiny bit out of hand already and tomorrow I have an exciting day of sculpting bodies for our final show of the season the Lieutenant of Inishmore. I can hardly wait to start telling you about that!

Now that we’re back from Orcas Island I hope to get back to a slightly more regular posting schedule.

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