Closing time at the Tavern

Yankee Tavern closes this weekend, next week this bar and all of its ghosts will disappear not under a wrecking ball, but at the hands of the carpenters. Then we’ll look back in time to the start of the season while we pull all of the mechanics from Trip to Bountiful out of the trap room where they have quietly waited this whole time.

The Allen theatre is being returned to a plain black stage at zero level so that Seattle Dance Project can come in and perform Project Orpheus. Then in November we’ll load in Christmas Carol. Before that happens we have shows to load into the Bullitt Cabaret and the Falls Theatre. Given all of that, perhaps these photos are a little late in arriving but I still want to show you the last little bits of our build.

As I said in my previous post about Yankee Tavern, the bar had a matching header that was wrapped in almost as many layers of moulding. Once we finished building it the painters applied the same multi-step woodgrain treatment.

The hotel sign had some working neon letters and some intentionally broken letters. Nick had the letters made for us by Dr. Neon at the Neon and Electric Signs Company on 15th. We drive by their warehouse every day on the way to work, so Nick was really excited to have a chance to meet them.

Nick also got to play around with a jukebox. He and his crew removed the guts of the machine and added lights that could be run from the booth during the show. They hooked the jukebox’s original speakers into the theatre sound system so that when there was a cue for music on stage it actually came out of the jukebox.

The props department is responsible for building and dressing the set in the rehearsal hall. Over the course of rehearsals the location of the various hand props is decided on. In order to be certain that everything makes it to the proper place they take photos which they used to dress the set on the Monday before tech.

We’ve been working on the last two shows for the season simultaneously because one of them is fairly small and the other one is really big. I haven’t really been working much on our next show Lady With All the Answers so unfortunately there aren’t many pictures to share. I do have lots of pictures from the build of Lieutenant of Inishmore though, so you can all look forward to that. Until then, here’s the gallery of all the photos from Yankee Tavern, including some that I didn’t post in the journal.

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