An odyssey of circles and dust

Yankee Tavern is a political thriller about conspiracy theories and 9/11 that takes place in a bar in New York. For this play we’re back in the Arena theatre so the challenge in designing the set is how do you have a bar in the round? The answer in our case is that you have a round bar, or at least a bar with rounded corners. This particular bar is in the basement of a very old hotel, at some point in the distant past this was a really nice bar. It’s big, it’s made of a dark wood with an obvious grain, it has a lot of fancy moulding on it, moulding that curves around the corners.

Some of the moulding we curved by kerfing it, the same way I curved the steel for the bar framing that I mentioned in my post from June 21st.

Most of the moulding we built for the bar was cut out of MDF with a router and that was a lot of moulding. Jeff spent a long time making dust for this show.

It got so dusty I almost felt like I was in the Black Rock Desert on a particularly bad day.

With all the circles around the shop I couldn’t resist a reference to The Hudsucker Proxy.

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