Out of Order

This post isn’t about Female of the Species even though that show is about to open this Thursday. I do want to write about it because I have a lot of great photos to show you, but the problem with living a full and interesting life is that it’s hard to find time to write about said life. The show is great! I saw it on first preview because Nick and I will be in a dance class during the opening night performance.

We are already working on the next show for this season, Yankee Tavern. The set features a rectangular bar with curved corners and a matching header so today and most of Friday was filled with cutting slices almost all the way through pieces of tube so that they could be bent around jigs to create very exact curves. I finally finished kerfing all of them today at the end of the day and had such a sense of accomplishment that I felt like sharing. I did three sets of eight tubes with 26, 16 and 30 cuts in them respectively, 576 cuts in all. Next step is welding them all, very lightly so they don’t warp.

The other excitement for today involved a 900lb Grizzly, it arrived in a crate and put the entire shop in an uproar.

It’s a huge bandsaw! So huge in fact that we had to uncrate it so we could tip it over onto a cart. This saw is too big to fit through the doors from our loading dock into our building, though I have to admit that may have more to do with a deficiency in the doors than anything else. Still, it’s a really big saw.

Sadly once we got it into the shop we couldn’t do much more than stand around and look at it. We need to wire an outlet that runs the right type of power for it before we can turn it on. This did not stop us from cutting a piece of wood with it however, never underestimate the determination of carpenters with new tools.

It even has little bear heads on the wheels! D’awwww.

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