Victoria Steam Exposition

Nick and I just got home from Victoria where we spent the weekend dressed in Steampunk attire hanging out with some lovely people and talking about art, writing and corsets. I have discovered, in looking back over the weekend, that I really didn’t take any photos worth sharing. Most of what I ended up with appears to be blurry which I’m going to go ahead and blame on being tired. I’m afraid I’ve been somewhat addled over the past few weeks what with the necessity of getting a bunch of work framed up and assembling costumes for both of us. By the time I got to Victoria I was glad to just be there and I couldn’t bring myself to think about recording images to share later. Which is a shame truly. There were some fabulous outfits in residence and the Fairmont Empress is a beautiful hotel, the perfect setting for a Steampunk convention.

Also since I’m making excuses for not posting things in this post, the preparations for our trip to Victoria are also the reason I haven’t posted my final entry about the set for Trip to Bountiful. It’s about a third of the way written and I have some interesting air power related tidbits to share with you. I’ll see what I can do about getting that posted this week sometime. We’ve already started building the set for Female of the Species so I’m gathering material for a whole new series of ACT Theatre posts, but I think I have a bit of breathing room before the next big push. I also have to spend some time learning the personality of my brand new wireless intuos4 tablet. I’m so excited to get to work with it on some new portraits! For now I will content myself with unpacking and getting some sleep.

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