Like Spinning Plates

There is so much going on lately! It’s a challenge to keep track of all my various projects and their deadlines. Good thing I thrive in this environment. This week was my first week back at ACT Theatre, it feels like coming home but not everybody is back yet so it’s still a little quiet. We spent most of the week cleaning and organizing in the shop so I don’t have any fun pictures to share yet but I think this is going to be an exciting season so stay tuned!

My embossing machine arrived last week and I’m excited to try it out, but I haven’t made it over to the craft store to pick up any dies yet. A friend of mine has offered to use his CNC router to make plates for me but I want to buy the official version first so I know what thickness to use. I scored a bunch of scrap plexi that was being thrown out too, so I may try my hand at carving debossing plates with a Dremmel too. No pictures of this project yet but hopefully soon.

In other news, we finally managed to make scheduling align so that I could meet with the owner of Lucca Great Finds in Ballard. She has enthusiastically agreed to take some of my Animal Portraits on consignment in her shop. So, if you’re in Seattle, stop by 5332 Ballard Ave NW and check out my work in person.

In the mean time I have been working on the pin up girl images and all four of them are finally to a place I feel really happy with. We will probably only use three of them on the ties for the wedding since I let everybody pick their favorite and nobody picked the fourth girl. Can you guess which one she is?

There are still a few steps to take them through before I can silkscreen them on the tie lining, but I’m hoping to finish the ties by the end of next month.

But now I have to go to my first fitting for my wedding dress, I’m so excited!

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