New Gallery – Things I’ve done at work.

I just added a new section to my gallery page. In an attempt to create a portfolio of my set building work I went back through all the photos I’ve taken during my time at ACT Theatre so far. In doing this I have realized that I am much more likely to take arty shots of what we’re working on than documentary photos. Maybe I should try to fix that when we start working on the upcoming season in March. I did manage to find some pictures worth posting from a portfolio point of view though and you can see them here.

I’m sure I’ll continue to take arty photos too but I’ll probably confine them to my journal, where I can supplement them with a description of what we’re working on. This photo for instance is a picture from the top of the diving platform on the set of “Eurydice” by Sarah Ruhl. We did this play in September of 2008 and I think it was my favorite play that season. It’s dreamy, mythical and the narrative was particularly poignant for me because I was in the process of asking Nick to marry me. (That it was a process is another story entirely.)

The set had the aesthetic of an abandoned and decaying swimming pool existing in a whimsical dreamlike world where swimming pools also have free hanging elevators that lower into them. Matthew Smucker designed the set, his designs are meticulous and challenging and I love working on them because even when I’m cursing the difficulty of the work I know we’re making something beautiful.

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