Experimenting with process

I’m working on the clockwork pin-up girls today. This process is not proceeding linearly but I’m sure the end result will be something I’m happy with. I’ve been mocking things up in Photoshop, printing them out, tracing/redrawing a version and scanning it back onto my computer so I can muck about with it some more. I’m almost entirely self taught in Photoshop so there may be more efficient ways to do what I’m trying to do, that’s par for the course for a jack of all trades I think. The last stop for all of these images may be Painter but it’s not a program I’ve worked with before so we’ll see how that goes. Something tells me my figure drawing skills could use some brushing up.

A few months ago I bought an assortment of watch parts for another project that I haven’t quite started yet, so I have all these bits and pieces on hand for inspiration.

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