A special request from a Taurus friend

I have a number of animal photos lined up to make into portraits but I thought I’d start with this distinguished English Longhorn because I got a special request from a dear friend for a bull or a dragon. I suspect finding a workable photo of a dragon might be a tall order, but all things are possible in photoshop given enough time. This gentleman took me a fair bit of time himself but I’m pretty pleased with how he turned out.

As a little house keeping note, I’d love to add a comment field to my blog here, but I’ve run into a technical snag. The program I publish with only allows comments if you publish on the company’s affiliated hosting site. I haven’t looked into doing that yet, I have however posted this blog using the Networked Blogs application on Facebook. So if you’re a Facebook user and you’d like to comment on any of these entries, follow me there and we can chat in the comments. Hope to hear from you!

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